Monday, 20 January 2014

Sale on NOW!



Quick reminder everyone, the sale has started (hooray!!)

…you can find on all the stamps that are included in our 3 for £10 sale on our special offers page HERE

Don’t forget that it’s while stocks last and for 48 hours only so if you have your eye on something don’t miss it!

Also, if you are having problems getting on the website please give it half an hour and pop back  …because so many people tried to access the sale page at 12 o clock the server went down for a while

See you tomorrow



  1. WOUW seems like, we better get over and see, what you have left there right away then he he

  2. Problem with page at the moment. Advert didn't come through properly on email and site wont load :-(

    1. It should be ok now Del, the server went down briefly at midday x

    2. Too many people shopping! lol Managed to get on now xx

  3. no Chance to get on the page from here *crying
    hopefully you have enough stamps in stock, even for customers who later be lucky enough to get to the Homepage
    CU then

  4. Very happy - got 3 stamps for £10 bargain price. Thanks! x

  5. Technology, don't you love it.....

  6. So jealous as I have to be good this month, what an amazing offer. Still I would never have been able to chose just 3! they are all too gorgous best wishes Maria