Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Sorry there's no interesting post today - We've been so busy with all our website orders that I've just not had time! Our free shipping offer has been so popular - we've been getting triple the amount of orders each day that we normally get! It's great fun but our stamp stocks have definitely taken a bit of a beating and we're rushing more stock of everything back in asap.

For any of you who've been on the website to buy but have found the stamps you'd like are out of stock - you'll be pleased to know that they are now all available to buy again. Actual stock is due in in the next few days and all orders will be shipped the minute we receive the out of stock items. Orders may not arrive quite as quickly as usual but we'll be working round the clock to ensure everything you order should be with you in 7 to 10 days.

Hopefully my post will be a bit more exciting tomorrow. I am going to try and film the first of a new set of video tutorials for you. I've had such great feedback from the videos I've made so far I thought I could make one for each stamp we sell to show you how I'd go about colouring it in.

I've also be looking at the great Distress Ink tutorial that our lovely designer Jacqui has on her blog and I'm going to try and colour in some of our stamps using the inks. I'll let you know how I get on.

Anyway - better get back to those orders :)


  1. I'm so excited about your idea to colour each stamp - I've only been colouring since Feb & to be able to have the exact stamp with the materials to colour - brilliant. I've just ordered the Fairy on Tiptoes so I can get stuck in with the ProMarkers. Your conversion list for Copics & Essential ProMarkers lists are invaluable. Thank you so much for making all this available. My husband talks about my serving an apprenticeship in colouring - the old masters used to copy a mentor's work until he had the technique & then branched out on his own. Definitely interested in the Distress Inks too.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Ooo, can't wait for my stamps to arrive. Will pop around the shop in a mo'. hugs Sharon

  3. Love your tutorials and your stamps, looking forward to more, great job, keep it up.

  4. Hi Laila,
    just wanted to let you know how helpful your copic and pro marker info was and to Thank you for it, keep up all the good work!
    I have been playing with my stamps (bought with free P&P, many thanks for that too)I love 'em, Yay:-D